Our Projects

Specialised & Precision Engineering Pty Ltd

Mobilising and De-mobilising of vessels

Mobes and De-mobes is something we specialise in. We have access to boats, cranes and service warfs. This involves cutting sea fastening of the vessels and craning gear off. We will then crane all the new gear back on and weld sea fastening down to the deck. Having generator welders and Arch air gougers to do the job makes these tasks achievable and in good time. We have considerable experience in the marine industry and working with these industrial vessels.

Custom Tender Vessel

This project involved the design, fabrication and welding of a custom vessel to be used as a tender for Coral Bay. It carry’s passengers to and from the beach to a floating pontoon.

We pride our self’s in helping with any custom projects like this that involve, design, manufacturing and delivery.

Security Gate

Designing, fabricating and welding this gate for a custom fit out on a wharf bridge in Karratha turned out perfect. The work shows our ability to work to spec and combine several techniques to create a long-lasting quality product.

Custom Stainless Steel Signs

Working in with the client to achieve the look and design they were after was rewarding. Its always great to look back on a particular job and have self satisfaction and this job was a perfect example of that. The end result looks very effective and will last for many years to come.

Day Markers


This job involved an onsite repair and installation of the day markers for the South Passage in Coral Bay. Due to the lack of access we had to gear up a ute and 4x4 truck and climb sand dunes to get out to site. Having all the necessary gear and equipment makes these jobs achievable.


We’re available for any onsite work in Western Australia. We have the tools and expertise to deliver quality onsite work for even the trickiest of problems.

Live Bait Tank

This job involved the retrofitting of a live bait tank to a game fishing boat in Exmouth. Working with the customer we managed to come up with a solution that fitted the boat perfectly. Once completed it looked like an original feature of the boat.

We are happy to help on all modification and retrofitting work to all types of marine craft. Let us know about your next project and we’re sure we’ll be able to bring it into reality.

Designed & Fabricated Bimini for Wellcraft

Working in with a client and getting there Ideas, then turning it into an end result like this is rewarding. This involved us creating  and designing a Bimini to suit and match the shape and style of the boat. Wellcrafts are well made boats and this Bimini had to look like part of the boat and blend in. I think we achieved this and the end results look good.

We perform work on marine vessels of all sizes, we perform to a deadline and have helped a great quantity of people upgrade and fit out their boats.

You've seen what we can do so give us a call on (08) 9949 4643 to discuss your next project!